Superior Diesel would like to thank you for your purchase.

Satisfied customers are return customers. Quick, reliable, and hassle-free warranty service contributes to their overall satisfaction with your equipment including the engine.

Customers submitting engine warranty registration information help John Deere better respond to your customers’ engine warranty needs.

Warranty Registration enables John Deere to minimize downtime with…

Adequate parts availability and capable service technicians most anywhere in the world.

Quick warranty processing by identifying the customer as the engine owner and the engine being in the warranty period.

Assist the customer by completing the Warranty Registration for him – use the registration card or fill out the online warranty form (below). When using registration cards, have the customer sign it, and fax or mail the card to John Deere. Submission of the online form implies that the customer has received the appropriate Operation and Maintenance Manual and has read the Engine Owner’s Manual.

Click on one of the Online Warranty Forms Links below to Open:

Registration and Transfers:

Superior Diesel Warranty Policy:

Engine Labels and Miscellaneous Information

Before the customer leaves the dealership.

Send the registration to:

Deere Power Systems
PO Box 5100
Waterloo, IA 50701-5100
Fax: 1-319-292-5844

Superior Diesel Warranty Policy:

Manufacturer Warranty Statements:

Manufacturer Warranty Info